After School Game – Musical Chairs


Musical Chairs is an enjoyable game but unfortunately is often associated as being too “kiddie” for middle school students and up. For my middle school students, instead of having chairs, we taped sheets of construction paper to the floor.

In turn, if there are 20 students, there should be 19 sheets of paper taped on the floor. Put the papers in straight rows (so in this case, it would be rows of 5). Make sure there is at least a 1-foot space between each sheet of paper or else students could potentially crash into each other.

So your papers (the black rectangles) should be arranged as followed:


Now, you can have your music. As the music plays, have your students walk in the 1-ft space between the sheets of paper. When the music stops, have them land on a sheet of paper. Whoever cannot find a sheet of paper is out! The last two students standing are the winners since having two people get on the last sheet of paper is pretty difficult.

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