Make Your Own Comic!

After reading the hilarious comics in the website Bo’s Cafe Life by Wayne E., I was remembered how much I loved reading Batman comics in high school. I even designed comics for UC Irvine’s newspaper. And middle school student definitely love comics (especially Marvel heroes).

WHY? Emphasizes not only writing and artistic ability, but the student is required to design their own story and develop the characters

HOW? Many websites helps students design their own comics The 8blog recommends sites such as PixtonLego Comic Builder, and Make Believe Comix. Find out 8blog’s other recommendations for amazing comic book websites.

Here is an example of a comic I made on Make Believe Comix:


If your classroom does not have access to a computer, then just get a large piece of white paper and cut it into long white strips. The size depends on how many boxes you want to add (Ex: 2-4 squares). The focus isn’t the paper itself but the effort students place into designing and creating their comic.


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