Fun Water Games!


If your after-school program has the budget, then water games are a cheap and easy way to create teamwork among your students. Here are some water games you can create:

  • Water balloon toss
  • Using Water Squirters/Water guns to knock down plastic bottles
  • Ring Toss with water bottles
  • Throwing ping pong balls into fish bowls
  • Water relay games
  • Sponge relay games
  • Using large slingshots to throw a water balloon and having a group of students catch it with a large blanket (SUPER FUN!)


WHY? During the hot summer weather, water games are a great incentive to promote positive behavior. For example, the games can be offered only to students that behaved well for that week/month/etc.

Try creating a mini-carnival with all these water games! Just remember to set boundaries/expectations so your students aren’t running around or trying to wet each other.

Here is a list of other water games:


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