Read the newspaper to build your vocabulary!

One great technique for building vocabulary in any language is reading the newspaper or leer el periódico! Some benefits of reading a newspaper from another country include:

  1. Greater understanding of their culture and values
  2. Exposure to a more advanced writing style than the writing styles found in books that teach Spanish as a foreign language
  3. A greater understanding of the different words found in different countries that speak Spanish
  4. Various examples of how to properly phrase a sentence in Spanish and utilize Spanish grammar
  5. Learn new vocabulary words and see how they’re used in context to improve your memory

Tips when reading a newspaper in another language:

  • Print the newspaper article and circle the words that you didn’t know; use a dictionary to translate these words and write them down on a separate list if possible
  • Spend time reading the article! A lot of it! Reading an article in a different language can be a frustrating experience especially if you don’t know ever other word. However, the more effort you put when reading an article, the more vocabulary you learn!
  • Research any topics you never seen before; If you’re reading the article and it’s about a subject you’ve never heard, then look it up online (ex: Wikipedia)! Wikipedia also has plenty of Spanish articles that can expand your research.

Always set a goal for yourself such as reading one article every day. Have fun! 🙂


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