Talking about the Weather or “el tiempo”


In Spanish, the weather can be expressed in multiple ways:

1.) Hace + noun / Hace + mucho + noun

Expressing the weather in Spanish requires using a special phrase involving the word <<hace>> which comes from the infinitive <<hacer>> that means “to make” or “to do” in English.

An example using the phrase is <<Hace frío.>> which directly translates to “It makes cold.” or “It does cold.” However, in Spanish, this phrase actually means “It is cold.” To create a phrase, all you need to do is put together the word <<Hace>> with the noun describing the weather. You can also add the word <<mucho>> to emphasize the weather such as <<Hace mucho frío.>> which means “It is very cold.”

Other examples include:

  • Hace frío – It is cold.
  • Hace calor. – It is hot.
  • Hace sol. It is sunny.
  • Hace viento. – It is windy.
  • Hace buen tiempo. – The weather is good.
  • Hace mal tiempo. – The weather is bad.

2.) Hay + noun

Another way to express the weather is by using the word <<hay>> with the noun representing the weather. <<Hay>> means “There is” or “There are” but when you combine it with the noun, then <<Hay>> means something different.

For example, the phrase <<Hay niebla.>> directly translates to “There is fog.” but it actually means “It’s foggy.”

Other examples include:

  • Hay granizo. It’s hailing.
  • Hay humedad. – It’s humid.
  • Hay lloviznas. – It’s sprinkling.
  • Hay luna. – The moon is out.
  • Hay mucho sol. – There’s plenty of sun.
  • Hay mucha lluvia. – There’s plenty of rain.
  • Hay niebla.It’s foggy.
  • Hay nieve. – It’s snowing.
  • Hay relámpagos.It’s lightning.
  • Hay tormenta. – It’s a thunderstorm.

3.) Está + adjective

You can also use the verb <<estar>> which means “to be” and combine it with an adjective to express the weather. Remember to convert it to <<Está.>> Examples include:

  • Está nublado. – It’s cloudy.
  • Está oscuro. – It’s dark.
  • Está lluvioso. – It’s raining.

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