Image: Santa Claus Foam Ornaments


Here is a fun Christmas activity that requires minimal materials. I did this activity with the teenage mothers I work with and they really enjoyed it!

You will need
-1 green foam sheet
-1 white foam sheet
-1 black sharpie or marker
-1 red marker
-1 peach marker
-1 piece of string
-1 hole puncher
-Scissors, Glue


1.) First trace the outline of Santa Claus’ face wearing his hat.
2.) Next, color in Santa’s hat using the red marker and his face using the peach marker.
3.) Then draw his eyes, nose and mouth using the black marker.
4.) Afterward, glue the white foam cut-out and glue it on top of your green foam sheet. Cut around the green foam sheet to create a green outline for your Santa Claus ornament.
5.) Lastly, hole punch the top of Santa’s hat and put a string through it so you can hang up your ornament.

For students in elementary and middle school, they may need your help drawing the outline of Santa’s face. Here is a link to help you trace Santa’s face: (Credit –


Have fun and Happy Holidays!



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