“MultiLing Keyboard” App Review (Android, All Ages)


One app that I’ve fallen in love recently is MultiLing Keyboard by Android developer Honso. MultiLing Keyboard is an app that allows you to type in different languages on your phone.


  • Can type in multiple languages (also has dialects and languages that are not commonly found in other apps)
  • Plugin dictionaries that have word recognition in case you have trouble spelling a word
  • Easy to switch between different languages
  • You can type in over 177+ languages! Insane!

Since I have been using Duolingo to study French, I needed a keyboard that could easily type the various French accents. Using the app is easy as well! If I wanted to type the letter “Ç” all I have to do is hold the letter “C” on my keyboard and then the variations of the letter C in French will show up.

Also, because I speak Spanish, English and Tagalog, I needed a keyboard that could easily type in all four of these languages. Luckily, MultiLing Keyboard even had Tagalog which is usually a difficult language to find in many of the language apps I’ve tried. Below is a photo of me using the Spanish keyboard. If I wanted to switch to another language, all I need to do is hold down the space bar and then I can choose another language. The space bar is located where the word “Espanol” is (look under app screenshots).

In the photo below, you can see the extent of the languages that MultiLing Keyboard has. The app doesn’t limit itself to common languages such as Spanish and Chinese, but it even has specific dialects. For the letter “A,” MultiLing Keyboard already has languages such as Aceh, Afrikaans, Alemannisch, Apachean, Asturian and Azerbaijani!

And this app gets even better! Honso made Plugin dictionaries that you can download in your phone. So if you are trying to type a word in Spanish or any other language, the dictionary will use word recognition to guess what word you’re typing. Then it’ll give you a list of possible words that match what you typed. This is especially useful for languages such as French and Spanish where accents play a huge role in writing.

If you need an app that can type in different languages, MultiLing Keyboard is your best choice!

App screenshots

ml4 ml3 ml2 ml1

Disclosure: All views and opinions with regard to the products or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.


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