“LEGO Movie Maker” App Review (iPad, All Ages)


After experimenting with several stop motion apps, I can say with confidence that the  “LEGO Movie Maker” app is the best stop motion app I’ve used so far! Most stop motion apps will only let you make the video, but you can’t add sounds, music or special effects. Also, I have experienced situations where stop motion apps will crash when the video starts becoming too long.

The “LEGO Movie Maker” has a variety of options to make your stop motion video awesome! Some of its features include:

  • Adding exciting music to your movie
  • Putting a title screen for your movie
  • Changing the movie speed to make the stop motion faster or slower
  • Adding slides such as “BAM!”, “POW!”, etc.
  • Adding filters such as black and white, blues, contrast, comic, etc.
  • Sharing the movie easily via YouTube, e-mail, Twitter, etc.

Best of all, the app is free and it’s easy for any elementary school student to use!


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