“TeachMe” App Review (iPad, Toddlers to 3rd Grade)


Recently I started babysitting a 2nd grader, and every day we practice basic math facts such as addition and subtraction. She can add and subtract well, but she always relies on counting with her fingers instead of using mental math. To help her switch to mental math, I found a great iPad app called “TeachMe” that promotes both mental math and reading.

In “TeachMe,” they focus on several different categories including:

  • Dolch Sight Words – Students are shown 10 different words and the student is asked to identify a word
  • Fast Math Addition – Students are given 3 different single digit addition problems and are required to answer all 3 of them in under 30 seconds
  • Fast Math Subtraction – Students are given 3 different single digit subtraction problems and are required to answer all 3 of them in under 30 seconds
  • Long Math – Students are given a double digit math or addition problem (ex: 54-13 = ?)
  • Spelling – Students are told a word by the teacher and have to spell it out

One great aspect about this app is that the student is required to write out the answers with their finger instead of using the keyboard. This has encouraged my 2nd grader to be more conscientious when writing numbers or letters, or else the app will not understand what she’s writing. One issue that constantly arose was when she wrote the number “5.” Her “5” was so sloppy that the machine always thought she was writing “9.” Now she concentrates more when writing 5 so that she doesn’t get the question wrong.

The app also does an amazing job of motivating students to play the game. When a student answers three questions correctly, they will receive a coin which they can use to purchase items for a photo booth or fish aquarium. In the photo booth, the student can take a picture of something and then use the coins to purchase items to decorate the photo. For the fish aquarium, the student can use the coins to buy different types of fishes and decorations. My 2nd grader really loves getting coins and buying items!

Best of all, the app keeps track of your student’s progress. When they do well in one section, they will receive a “star” which represents going up a level. This way, the child can see that they are truly improving in each section. Also, the app “Teach Me” has a unique app for each grade up to 3rd grade. They also have an app for toddlers too! The app costs $1.99 for each grade level, but it is definitely worth it! As for Android users, this app is unfortunately only on the IPad and iPhone right now.

Learn more about “TeachMe” here: http://www.24x7digital.com/apps/TeachMe_Apps.html

Screenshots from the app:


Photo Credit: http://www.24x7digital.com/apps/TeachMe_Apps.html

Disclosure: All views and opinions with regard to the products or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.


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