Doodling Books by Taro Gomi

If you are a parent looking for unique and thought-provoking stories, you should definitely try a children’s book by Japanese author Taro Gomi. One of the first books I read by him with my preschoolers was called Everyone Poops. The topic of the book is unique but the children definitely liked the story, and, more importantly, it helped children understand the importance of using the restroom instead of “holding it in.


In addition to being a beloved author, Taro Gomi is also a great doodler/artist! Recently, as a birthday gift for a 2nd grade student, I purchased Doodles: A Really Giant Coloring and Doodling Book by Gomi that focuses on combining coloring, doodling and reading to promote creativity in children. Each page contains a brand new prompt that either encourages the child to draw a picture, write a story or solve a puzzle. Prompts can be as random as “Help these two men draw a brick wall.”


And my student absolutely loved it! Every day before she completes her homework, we will draw in the book together so that she has some time to relax before she starts her homework. Here are some of the doodles my 2nd grader and I made together:

Prompt 1: Abracadabra! Whoever has the best magic trick wins.


Prompt 2: Make your own sundae!


Prompt 3: The most delicious meal wins!


Prompt 4: Whoever says the saddest thing wins!


Overall, Doodles by Taro Gomi is a great way to introduce art in a friendly and fun way to your child. The best part is that there isn’t only one right way to draw something in this book. Have fun drawing!

Buy the book on Amazon!


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