DIY Princess Crown Activity

Does your daughter love being a princess? Or does your son enjoy pretending to be the ruler of a kingdom? Here is a great and easy activity that even a 5-year old can do to make a beautiful crown using every day materials.

First you need the following items:

  • Corrugated Cardboard (the cardboard with lines going through) – this helps created the texture of your crown; the length should be around 33″ wide (around the same length as 3 computer sheets next to each other); a height of 4″ is already sufficient


  • Gold Spray Paint – or whatever color you want the crown to be
  • Jewel stickers – to decorate the crown! (Find some at Oriental Trading!)
  • Scissors, Glue, Markers
  • Stapler – to staple the crown together

After you have gathered all your materials, first cut your template using a regular computer paper. I taped three computer paper sheets next to each other and then cut out my crown template. I opted for a wave design instead of the stereotypical pointy crown because I needed a more feminine design for my female student.


When you have traced the design on the computer paper, encourage your student to cut the template out. Then your student can trace the template onto the corrugated cardboard. They may need extra assistance depending on their age due to the rough texture of corrugated cardboard.

If getting corrugated cardboard is a hassle, you can always make your crown out of construction paper or cardstock paper. As long as the crown isn’t too tall, it should stay on your child’s head.


Once the cardboard has been cut out, you and your student can finally decorate the crown! Personally, I found that spray paint works the best on cardboard because it stays well and can be painted quickly. However, it is still possible to use markers. Just remember that only darker colors will show on the cardboard and that your markers may dry out after this activity (depending on the size of the crown).


If you chose to go the spray paint route, let your crown dry first before you add any further decorations. Once the crown is dry, then you can add jewel stickers or glitter. Your child can also draw jewels using sharpie-type markers or regular markers. It’s amazing how glitter or some fake jewel stickers can make any DIY project look much better. Have fun making your prince/king/queen/princess crowns!


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