Bob Books Review – Help your child become a better reader!

This past month, I have been working with my 5-year old student on building her reading skills. Even though she is capable of recognizing all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, she still has difficulty combining individual sounds together into one word.

That was until I came across this wonderful reading tool called Bob Books. Unlike ordinary children’s books, Bob Books has a special system of short stories that focuses on blending specific sounds of the alphabet together. A short story averages around 7-10 pages and only has one sentence per page so that the child can build their reading skills slowly with confidence. Each box contains 12 books that are numbered so that the sounds from a later book build on the skills that the child learned in an earlier book.



Before, when I tried teaching my 5-year old student how to read with regular children’s books, I realized she would be easily discouraged because she couldn’t read every single word in the story. Consequently, she would feel inadequate and give up whenever she faced a word she didn’t know. However, in Bob books, this was never an issue because all the words in the story used similar sounds so she could figure out how to pronounce each word.




Initially, Bob books gives the appearance of being too easy to read for young children, but their books eventually have longer sentences and more words as you progress through the set. Bob books does a great job of introducing the child to reading longer sentences and different sounds without feeling overwhelmed. I am thrilled to have found this book, and I can’t wait for my 5-year old to advance to her next set of books!

Bob Books can be found on Amazon or on their website, and there are different sets available based on your child’s reading abilities. They also have apps available too!

Learn more here:


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