Pointillism Art Activity using “Do-A-Dot” Markers

As a child, pointillism was one of my all-time favorite art movements. I found it incredible how artists could create masterpieces simply by combining colorful dots in a certain order. Famous artists included Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. Shown below are some of their artwork via Wikipedia:


What I also love about pointillism is how simple of a concept it is. In turn, I decided to teach my 5-year old student how to make an pointillism inspired drawing! Luckily she conveniently had these awesome “Do-A-Dot” markers that allowed her to draw large-sized dots quickly (http://dotart.com/).


Afterward, I explained to her the concept of pointillism and modeled for her a drawing where I used different colored dots to draw a sun, clouds, and other objects.


My 5yo student then made a similar drawing to my example so she could practice how pointillism worked. Once she got the hang of it, she started exercising her creativity and making her own unique drawings. Below is a self-portrait she made of herself holding a flower.

To enhance her drawings, I encouraged her to use regular-size markers and crayons so that she could make dots of different sizes and textures.



Now my 5yo can’t get enough of pointillism drawings and keeps asking me if she can make more of them. Even her 2yo brother, who normally has an aversion towards art and coloring, loves using the “Do-A-Dot” markers to make his own drawings as well. Pointilism is a great and easy art activity that you can do with your student or child of almost any age.





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