Sun Swamp Math Board Game Review

Recently, I found an amazing math board game called Sum Swamp, from the education company Learning Resources, that teaches basic addition and subtraction. The objective of the game is to have your animal (either a snail, frog, snake or turtle) safely cross the swamp to reach the lily pad. To achieve this, one has to roll three dice with two of them being a green dice showing the numbers 1-6 and a white dice having the subtraction or addition sign.



I have been playing this game with my 4-year old student for one month already, and it’s incredible to see how her math skills have improved. Initially she did not recognize the plus and minus sign, and she also could not form basic equations. However, after playing this game twice a week for the past month, she is now able to memorize basic math facts such as 3+3=6 and 6+4=10. She also now understands that any number plus 0 is the same number, and she knows that any number minus the same number is 0.



If you are looking for a fun way to introduce basic math to your child, Sun Swamp is a great approach! My student never tires of this game even after we’ve played it four times in a row, but then again she is very competitive. Even for adults, you’ll find yourself testing how good your mental math is.

You can find this game on Amazon and this week I will be making a post about how you can make your own DIY version of this game. Have fun practicing math!


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