Quick and Easy Math Dice Games for Preschoolers

Two weeks ago, I wrote a review about the math board game Sun Swamp. This game inspired me to create my own math games using dice. If you don’t have any dice on hand, it’s easy to just make your own set using cardstock paper and tape.

I create my own dice template from scratch, as shown below:

mathgame4 mathgame5

The first template is to create your standard 6-sided number dice. The second template is if you want to create an math operation dice that has addition and subtraction symbols. Simply draw the template on a piece of cardstock paper, cut the template out and fold it. Afterward, secure the dice with tape so the dice doesn’t crumple easily. If drawing isn’t one of your strengths, you can always look up “dice template” on Google and print out one of those. The dice will look like something like this:


Once you create two number dice and one operation dice, you can start forming math equations.

sunswamp2 sunswamp3T

Game 1 (Basic Math): The objective of the game is to roll all three dice (2 number dice and 1 operation dice) and have your preschooler arrange the three dice into a math equation. Instruct the child to always have the largest number go first, then the operation, and finally the other number dice. After they form the equation, then have them solve for the answer. This game works well for young children who are new to addition and subtraction, or for children who want to practice their mental math.

Game 2 (Multiplication): If you want to challenge older students, such as a second or third grader, you can replace the subtraction sign with a multiplication symbol. You can also replace the numbers 1-6 with 7-12 so you can multiply with larger numbers.

Game 3 (Number Recognition): Another game you can play with your preschooler is a number recognition game. This only requires two number dice. Have your preschooler roll both dice and then put both dice next to each other. Then ask your preschooler to read the double digit number that is created. The only downside of this game is that it can only create numbers that have the digits 1-6, so they wouldn’t be able to create numbers such as 78, 99 and 87.




Have fun practicing math with your math dice!





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