Fun and Easy Farm Animal Activity – Make your Own Piggy Bank from Small Water Bottles

Are you searching for a fun and easy way to teach your child how to save money? One effective way is giving your child his or her very own piggy bank! Traditionally piggy banks are made from ceramic or porcelain which could be a potential safety risk for younger children because of ceramic’s heavy weight and tendency to break if dropped.

Here is a great activity for creating a piggy bank that uses a plastic bottle and other every day materials so that your child will have a harder time breaking their piggy bank.

First you’ll need the following:
-8oz plastic water bottle (Example)
-1 sheet pink construction paper
-1 pink pipe cleaner
-Glue (preferably a strong glue like superglue or a glue gun)
-4 pink pony beads
-Markers (ex: black sharpie)

This is how the piggy bank will look like:




Isn’t it so cute?! Once you’ve gathered your materials, the first step is to cut your construction paper into a strip wide enough to cover the plastic water bottle all around. Use your glue to keep the paper sticking to the water bottle.

Afterward, cut out two small triangles from your pink paper and stick them to the side of the water bottle where the cap is located. Next, take your pony beads and glue them to the opposite side of the ears. These pony beads are the feet of the pig.

We’re almost done! Use a scissor or knife to poke a hole through the bottom of the water bottle. Cut a small piece of your pipe cleaner and place it through the hole. Don’t forget to curl the tail so that it looks more like a pig’s tail. Then use your scissors to cut a small line on the same side where you placed the pig ears. This is where the money will fall through.

Lastly, draw two circles for the eyes and two extra circles on the cap to create the pig’s snout. Voila, you have a child-friendly piggy bank! If your child ever wants to take the money out, just open the bottle cap! Warning, this piggy bank only works for small coins such as pennies, dimes and nickels. Quarters can’t fit through the bottle cap.

If your child isn’t interested in making a pig for their piggy bank, you can always create other 4-legged animals (ex: cow, dog, cat, etc.). Choose the appropriate color scheme for the construction paper and pipe cleaner for the animal your child wants.

Have fun saving money with your child!


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