YouTube Resource for Learning French

Been searching for useful YouTube videos online on how to learn French, and I came across a channel called “French from Beginners to Advanced.” The videos start off teaching French language basics such as the alphabet, common verbs, etc. and then evolves into more complex language concepts. I already completed Unit 1 and I’ve learned the following:

  • French consonants / Les voyelles françaises
  • French vowels / Les voyelles françaises
  • French special characters / Les caractères spéciaux
  • Common French verbs / Les verbes françaises communes
  • Days and Months / Les jours et les mois

Each lesson is brief (less than 10 minutes) and, if you are limited on time, it’s a great way to learn French on a daily basis. The creator of the videos, Vincent, also does a great job explaining French grammar concepts and emphasizing pronunciation so you can sound more like a French native speaker.

These videos have been making up for some gaps that I’ve found while using Duolingo to learn French. Duolingo is very helpful in developing my French reading and writing skills, but I realized that my pronunciation ability was stagnating.

By listening to Vincent and watching his French videos, I’ve found my French pronunciation improve greatly and I’m positive your pronunciation will improve too!

Check out the online French lessons with the link below:


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