Make your own Paper Rocket Ship!

My Kindergarten student recently learned about astronauts and rocket ships, so I suggested that we make our very own rocket! Before we constructed the rocket, I made sure to teach them the different components of a rocket ship. Here is a great picture from NASA that is kid-friendly and shows the different parts:


The rocket we will be creating will contain only a handful of the rocket parts, specifically the nose cone, frame and fin. To make a rocket you will need the following supplies:

Materials Needed
-Construction Paper (8″ x 11″)
-Scotch Tape
-Coloring Materials
-Cheerleading Pom Poms (optional)

1.) First take your sheet of paper and roll it tightly around a pencil. Use pieces of tape to secure it in place so that the sheet doesn’t unravel. Afterward take out the paper tube. This will be the frame of your rocket (shown below).


2.) To create the fins, create a fin template and cut it out. For my rocket, I cut out 4 identical fins in a boomerang shape. Encourage your student to use different shapes such as a triangle, parallelogram, etc.



3.) To make the nose cone, we cut out two triangles from a different color piece of construction paper. You can also take white computer paper and color it.



4.) Once you’ve made all the different components, use tape to stick all the separate pieces together! Another way we enhanced our rockets was by using orange pom poms and pretending they were the flames coming out from the rocket’s engine!




And that’s really all it takes! Have fun making your own paper rocket!



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