“French Verbs (Brainscape)” App Review (iPad & iPhone, All Ages)

Recently, I’ve been trying to add more verbs to my French vocabulary (Je dois apprendre plus des mots!) so I started searching for other language apps besides Duolingo. I came across this interesting app called Brainscape which claims to teach vocabulary using smart flashcards and brain science.

Usually I’m not so fond of vocabulary flashcards because I can literally look through 100 flashcards and remember maybe only 5 new words. However, Brainscape’s approach to teaching vocabulary is by having you rate on a scale from 1-5 how well you remembered a vocabulary word.

First they will show you the word in English:


Then, depending on how quickly you remembered the French translation, you’ll rate it from 1-5 with 1 being not remembering the translation at all and 5 being that you remembered it perfectly:


It’s an interesting approach, and I’ll definitely test it out for the next few days. I’ve found myself realizing that I do remember certain vocabulary words on different levels. For example, of course I’ll remember that “to be” is être every single time so that would be a 5 (Perfectly). However, if I remembered “to have,” which is avoir, I found myself hesitating slightly so that’d be a 4.

I plan to use the app for the entire week, and I’ll see how many new French verbs I learn! The only downside about this app is that if you want to add new flashcards to your device, then it costs an extra $6.99. Vraiment?? Unless I find myself memorizing hundreds of words, then I think I will stick to the free version.


One thought on ““French Verbs (Brainscape)” App Review (iPad & iPhone, All Ages)

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