Thanksgiving – Native American Arts and Crafts

In our Kindergarten classroom, we’ve been teaching our students about Thanksgiving by introducing them to different pictographs that Native Americans used to communicate with each other. This lesson was especially enlightening for my students, who are learning letters, to be exposed to a different type of writing system.

Here are some examples of Native American pictographs:


To help them experience what it might have been like to be a Native American, we had them create their own feather headbands and “leather” vests from a paper bag. Once they were done cutting the headbands and vests, they would draw pictographs to decorate them.

Here are pictures of one leather vest after a student decorated it. We also enhanced the vest with crayons and paint. We also cut short fringes at the bottom:

Inside of Vestnativeamericanvest1

Front of Vest nativeamericanvest2

Back of Vest

It was considerably easier to make the headband. Simply cut a long thin strip of paper. There is a pencil for reference to help you estimate how much paper you need for a child’s head.



Sample Lesson Plan:


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