Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Spanish bingo or “Lo tengo”!

Recently my cousin asked me to teach her 6 and 9 year-old children some Spanish words because they were taking a test for a Spanish-English bilingual elementary school. One challenge about teaching a new language to younger children is keeping them engaged so they can better remember the vocabulary they learn.

What came to mind was a Spanish game I learned in my high school Spanish class called Lo tengo which is similar to the game Bingo in English. Lo tengo appropriately means “I have it” in English, so, rather than saying bingo at the end of the game, simply say “Lo tengo!” Everything else is pretty similar including the bingo cards or counters.

First I used Microsoft Word to make bingo cards. Simply use the Table function to make a 4×5 grid or whatever size you prefer.


Then I wrote the Spanish and English words in each square. It was hard deciding what words to put in the bingo card, but I compiled a list of everyday words that are commonly used.


To further enhance the bingo card, I then asked my 6 and 9 year-old cousins to draw pictures of each word. They really enjoyed this part and drawing the word on the card further reinforced their memory of learning new words.

Probably the biggest struggle was deciding what words to put on the bingo card. If you’re unsure about what words to put, feel free to use my list!

Agua – water
Amigo – friend
Árbol – tree
Autobús – bus
Bandera – flag
Barco – boat
Bebé – baby
Bicicleta – bicycle
Boca –
Bueno – good
Caballo – horse
Cabello –
Camión – truck
Camisa – shirt
Cara – face
Carro/Coche – car
Cama –
Casa – house
Computadora – computer
Elefante – elephant
Escribir – to write
Escuela – school
Flor – flower
Galletas – cookies
Gato – cat
Globo – balloon
Gracias – thank you
Hablar –
to speak
Helado – ice cream
Hola – hello
Hombre – man
Jirafa – giraffe
Jugar – to play
Jugo – juice
Lápiz – pencil
Leer – to read
Libro – book
Luna – moon
Maestro – teacher
Malo – bad
Manzana – apple
Mar – sea
Mesa – table
Mujer – woman
Muñeca – doll
Nariz – nose
Ojo – eye
Oreja – ear
Oso – bear
Pájaro – bird
Pantalones – pants
Papel – paper
Pato – duck
Pelota – ball
Perro – dog
Planta – plant
Plátano – banana
Pinturas – paints
Por favor – please
Puerco – pig
Puerta – door
Reloj – watch
Sol – sun
Sombrero – hat
Teléfono – telephone
Tigre – tiger
Tren – train
Vaca – cow
Vestido – dress
Zapatos – shoes

Have fun learning Spanish vocabulary with Lo Tengo! =)


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