Mother’s Day Activity – Tissue Flower Bouquet

Looking for an arts and crafts activity for your students to celebrate Mother’s Day? Here is an easy Mother’s Day activity for elementary school students that requires few materials – tissue paper, green construction paper, and a glue stick! You’ll also need a pencil, ruler, and scissors too. The flower bouquet is easy to create and can be completed in several steps.

Step 1 – Get 4 sheets of 8″ x 11″ green construction paper. —Make sure to have two shades of green (ex: 2 light green papers, 2 dark green papers)


Step 2 – —Glue the 2 same colored sheets together.


Step 3 – —Make sure your sheets are glued to each other so they don’t fall apart!


Step 4 – —Fold each paper horizontally.


Step 5 – Starting at the creased line, draw 4-inch lines that are one inch apart with your ruler and pencil. Do these for both papers.


Step 6 – Cut each 4-inch strip on both papers. These strips will become the stems of the flowers. Then overlap the papers but make sure that the papers are staggered.


Step 7 – —Glue the non-stem part of the papers together, and carefully roll both pieces of paper until…


Step 8 – —… it looks like this! Use your glue stick to ensure that the paper sticks together.


Step 9 – Add tissue paper! Cut out square inches of tissue paper (any color is fine) and glue them onto the stems. You may need 2-4 pieces of tissue paper to cover both the front and back part of the stem.


Step 10 – You’re done! Create a ribbon from tissue paper to enhance your bouquet!



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